Monday, 20 March 2017

Teach Me Tuesday - Ashleigh and Keela's Choc Chip Cookies

Today Ashleigh and Keela taught Room 16 how to make their scrumptious choc chip cookies which are just like the Subway cookies.  They had made these for their home learning and were such a great success with their families that they decided to share this with their classmates.  The children in Room 16 were also given a copy of the recipe so that they could also make them at home for their families.

"They were really nice", Tayla

"They were nice and thin and chewy", Seili

"They were nice and warm", Ashleigh C

"They were delicious!", Libby

"They were yum!", Hendrix

"They were the yummiest cookies I have ever eaten", Jerome

"These are now my favourite cookie recipe which I will make at home," Mrs B.

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